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    — :♚: Darkness. He couldn’t see anything but Darkness after what happened when the he fought the Blue Squares all by himself. It wasn’t a dream right? or was it? Is that incident even real? The fighting, the blood, and the revealing of secrets? He was confused, still in that darkness.

    Waking up at an unfamiliar place, the blonde blinked, a little confused at why he was here. Why was he even here, anyway? The last time he checked, he was on Ikebukuro! The blonde stood up, scratching his head, as if he doesn’t know where to go and what to do. This doesn’t even look like Ikebukuro! The only thing that the blonde saw at a far place was a school that doesn’t even look like Raira.

    Well, since he doesn’t have any choice, the blonde started to walk forward the school. Maybe the Blue Squares or Izaya just tricked him again after passing out at the fight. Or maybe, Mikado and Anri hid him on a hidden place, but they wouldn’t do that. And this place doesn’t even look like a place in Japan! Where the hell is he?!

    "Oh." sudden realization, “Maybe this is a dream!”

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      "N-n-n…" he stuttered as his hands are being twisted, and he was also scared the fact that she’s planning to cut it!...
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      "It will grow back and this is the only way to prove it.” she told him, calmly for what she was about to do as her scowl...